Connect to Buzz
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What is this?

The simplest (and only) way to post to your Google Buzz account through good old text messaging.

Is this free?

It's free. Just keep in mind that text messaging costs will depend on your cell plan.

How does it work?

Once you're signed up, just send a text to (925) BUZZ-SMS and we'll immediately post it to your Buzz account.

We integrate with the Google Buzz API, so we don't have any access to your password, or any other Google services you may use.

You can revoke access to your account at any time by visiting your Google account settings, and clicking "change authorized websites."

Can I send pictures or video?

Unfortunately, our SMS number only allows text messages at this time.

What countries does this work in?

Please see supported countries, for the latest list. We'll be announcing support for additional countries on our Google Buzz account.

How can I get help?

Email us at
Talk about us on our group
And, for updates, follow us on Buzz